Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, Fresh Hope: A Prayer for Personal Transformation

May this be a year that –

…I live into the paradox of being an active participant in life, while simultaneously acknowledging (and accepting) my lack of control over most of it.

…I am sensitive to “the fullness of time,” the gift the universe is pregnant with; ready to move at the unexpected moment, to accompany and assist during the glorious travail of the birth of new life that is at hand.

…I am mindful of my thoughts, words and actions and how these influence my well-being and that of those around me.

…I am sensitive to the larger narrative, the  complex layers and connections that compose and complicate the lives of individuals, communities and eco-systems.

 …I nourish life, making way for the good to flourish while working to diminish what is destructive, practicing mindfulness and compassion in order to relieve suffering and avoid doing harm.

…I am more concerned with being loving than correct, widening the view through the lens of mercy, seeking more to know truth than to be right, trusting God more than myself, pursuing the Way rather than my way.

…I am breathing in and breathing out, giving and receiving –

    I am alive.